Mint 3 Nemesis NFTs in one transaction and receive 1 Nemesis NFT via airdrop (free mints excluded)



Be part of the revolutionary wave that is sweeping the blockchain - introducing the Nemesis NFT Collection, consisting of 8,000 unique digital assets. Staking will come for Nemesis allowing you to be rewarded with Kishimoto tokens; the more you stake, the bigger your rewards will be with Nemesis buybacks!

Assemble the biggest pool in Kishimoto's ecosystem and unlock exclusive perks for our upcoming Open World Role Playing Game - Ascension.

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Adoption Fee: 0.075 ETH + Gas

Rise of Samurai :NEMESIS

It had been a long night for Kishimoto, the small town surrounded by mountains and forests. The people of the village were all aware that something was coming; they could feel it in their bones. They knew it wasn't just some ordinary storm or natural disaster - no, this was something far worse.

Beware, children of the Ninja! For ages untold, there have been whispers of a powerful and ancient race capable of bending light itself to their will. The Apes - as they are known in legend - were said to possess an eerie knowledge beyond comprehension; so much so that with but one whisper could make entire galaxies disappear from sight forever. Now, these mysterious beings set their sights upon Kishimoto, determined once more to assert dominion over this doomed corner of space! How may we resist before our cosmos is erased?

The stories told from generation to generation began to take shape as reality: the Apes had come into our world! An ancient alien race with mysterious powers beyond comprehension, these apes had traveled across galaxies and eons only to arrive at Kishimoto's doorstep. It seemed like an impossible battle would be fought if anyone were brave enough to stand up against them.

However, there was hope! After much research and contemplation, one of Kishimoto's most talented scientists discovered a way for humans to fight back - time travel! Using his newly developed technology he proposed that a team of samurai warriors be sent back in time before the Apes' arrival so they could assemble an army large enough to combat them when they eventually arrived at present-day Kishimoto.
The citizens cheered upon hearing this news as many believed this plan gave them a fighting chance against the seemingly invincible force of apes. With newfound courage and determination, five brave heroes set off on their mission through time while everyone else stayed behind prepared for what might happen once these warriors returned with their reinforcements from centuries past.

As days went by without any sign or word from our heroes we began losing hope again until finally one fateful morning we heard distant cries coming closer followed soon after by thunderous roars - it was our saviors returning victorious with an army led by none other than Miyamoto Musashi himself! This legendary warrior brought along powerful allies such as Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Leyasu who joined forces on behalf of humanity against the Apes’ tyranny which we hope, will ultimately result in victory, over evil!

Time stands still at the Kishimoto Clan and they have a mission – defeat those pesky Apes of the hidden galaxy! How? By turning to the Metaverse, which will offer Samurai answers as well as hope. As these heroes gather their strength here in this space outside time itself, what plan could they devise that's more powerful than any weapon..?? Is there anything mightier than swords and courage alone?

With cheers echoing throughout all corners of Kishimoto we celebrated together not knowing what awaits us next but nevertheless filled with joy uniting against adversity. The mission? Triumph...

~ Miyamoto Kobayashi


The Nemesis NFT Collection consists of 8,000 unique digital assets that will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Nemesis has been incorporated to benefit the Kishimoto Ecosystem first & foremost, granting exclusive staking for Kishimoto Tokens to those who wield Nemesis.

Each Nemesis is unique in the collection and has been designed from the ground up. Nemesis will also grant prestigious features in the highly anticipated game - Ascension
The mechanics of staking are incorporated by utilising revenue generated from public minting, to provide essential purchases of Kishimoto tokens and distributed amongst those who stake their NFTs.

Every aspect of the Nemesis collection will contribute & benefit towards the sustainable growth of our ecosystem by supporting price action and trading volume of our native token.

Kishimoto tokens will be distributed to our Nemesis investors through our upcoming NFT staking platform in Chapter four of our extensive roadmap.
The Nemesis NFT Collection is another element in our forever evolving ecosystem which will also be incorporated into our Open World Role Playing Game - Ascension as part of the Kishimoto roadmap origins. This collection represents the strength and tenacity of our community.

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